Mounting height of emergency lights in Australia

Emergency Exit Light

In Australia, the mounting height limit of emergency lights is specified in the Australian Standard AS 2293.1:2018. This standard provides comprehensive guidelines for the installation and operation of emergency lighting systems within buildings.

According to AS 2293.1:2018, the mounting height of emergency lights should generally not exceed 2.4 meters above the finished floor level. This limit is established to ensure that emergency lights are positioned at a height that maximizes visibility and effectiveness during evacuations.

The standard emphasizes the importance of maintaining a consistent mounting height to achieve uniform illumination across the evacuation route. This uniformity is crucial for guiding occupants safely to exits, especially in low-light conditions typical during emergencies.

AS 2293.1:2018 also considers variations in mounting height based on specific conditions within a building. It provides guidance on adjusting the height limit to address factors such as the layout of the space, potential obstacles, and the need for coverage in different areas.

Building owners and facility managers are advised to adhere to the guidelines set by AS 2293.1:2018 to ensure compliance with Australian standards. This includes not only adhering to the maximum mounting height but also considering factors that may necessitate adjustments for optimal emergency lighting coverage.

Regular assessments and inspections are essential to confirm that emergency lights are installed within the prescribed height limit and are functioning correctly. Compliance with these standards contributes to the overall safety of building occupants in the event of an emergency.

While AS 2293.1:2018 provides a standard mounting height limit, it is essential to consider the specific characteristics of individual buildings. Factors such as ceiling height, architectural features, and occupancy requirements may influence the most appropriate mounting height for emergency lights.

Understanding and implementing the mounting height limit outlined in AS 2293.1:2018 is crucial for architects, builders, and contractors involved in the design and construction of buildings. This knowledge ensures that emergency lighting systems meet the necessary safety standards for optimal performance.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the mounting height limit of emergency lights in Australia, it is recommended to refer directly to AS 2293.1:2018 and consult with local authorities responsible for building codes and safety regulations.


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