Do emergency exit lights need to be green with arrows in Australia

Emergency Lights

AS 2293.1:2018, the Australian Standard for Emergency lighting and exit signs for buildings - Part 1: System design, installation, and operation, outlines specific guidelines regarding the color and symbols of emergency exit signs. It defines different guidelines for the colour of emergency exit lights depending upon whether the light is in an area of normal illuminance or low illuminance.

Normal illuminance areas

For areas with normal illuminance, AS 2293.1:2018 mandates the use of green as the color for emergency exit lights, as it is widely associated with safety and is easily recognizable. It exolicitly The inclusion of arrows is also emphasized to provide clear directional guidance in emergency situations, ensuring that occupants can quickly identify the path to safety.

The standards set by AS 2293.1:2018 are crucial for maintaining consistency and effectiveness in emergency lighting systems across various buildings and environments in Australia. Adherence to these standards is essential for ensuring the safety of occupants and facilitating a swift and organized evacuation during emergencies.

Green lights with arrows are not only compliant with Australian standards but also contribute to the overall goal of creating a universally understood and intuitive emergency exit signage system. The use of standardized colors and symbols helps minimize confusion and ensures a coordinated response in the event of a crisis.

It's important for architects, builders, and facility managers to familiarize themselves with AS 2293.1:2018 to guarantee that emergency lighting installations meet the specified requirements. Regular assessments and updates in line with the latest standards help maintain the effectiveness of emergency lighting systems over time.

While AS 2293.1:2018 provides clear guidelines, it is crucial to consider the specific requirements of individual buildings and spaces. Factors such as layout, occupancy, and environmental conditions may influence the optimal placement and configuration of emergency lights, even within the broader standards framework.

Low illuminance areas

For areas with low illuminance, AS 2293.1:2018 states that it is acceptable to use opaque backgrounds, and that a dark colour such as black shall be preferred.

Examples given by AS 2293.1:2018 where emegergency exit lights with a dark background are acceptable include: theatres, cinemas, auditoriums and lecture rooms.


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